Repair Cafe Open today sign

How it works

When you bring your item along on the day, we’ll be there to greet you. We’ll explain our conditions and ask you to complete our repair form. We will then assign you to a volunteer repairer. Sometimes you might have to wait. We have a welcoming café area for you to enjoy while you wait. A good opportunity to have a chat to others.

 When a repairer is free, you’ll sit with them while they assess and see if your item can be repaired. Each appointment is about half an hour. If there is not enough time to complete the fix you will be given some suggestions on what to do next and possible places to go.

Sometimes items are too valuable or require a professional fix and we can give you information about repairers. All items are brought in at your own risk we can’t fix everything but at least you’ll know you can throw it away guilt free.

There is no charge for repairs. We welcome donations. This helps the Repair Café pay for our expenses such as insurance and hall hire.