Keeping repair skills alive, saving money, helping the environment. 

Repair Café Hayling started in September 2022. It’s a community group run by volunteers. Our focus is both environmental and social. We want to cut down the number of household items thrown away each year in Hayling Island. This helps cut carbon emissions as every new manufactured product uses energy in its production.  Repairing an item can also help when money is tight, and we need things to last a bit longer. We are also keen to keep repairing skills alive. There are so many people with repair skills in our community willing and ready to pass them on to others. Our Repair Café is open once a month except for December May and August. We always have a café so if you’ve nothing to repair you can still pay us a visit. Everything is pay by donation. 

If you’re interested in being a volunteer, we have lots of different roles- you don’t have to be good at mending things. Please get in touch.